With end of year exams completed, in Year 12 we are now making decisions on the next stage of our education. To help us make these choices, the Sixth Form team took us to a higher education conference at the University of Warwick.

We started the day with an opening talk from the head of admissions at Warwick University, inside the eye-opening Oculus building. She discussed the positives (and negatives) of studying at a campus university instead of a city university - in particular noting the advantages of having sports facilities so close to your accommodation. She also played some videos to show what us university life is like, explaining the interdisciplinary studies the university has to offer. We were then able to find out what life at university is like from the students themselves who answered various prior questions from Challoner’s students.

We were given time to explore the campus of the university during our lunch break, visiting the student union and indulging ourselves at the various cafes dotted around the site. After a delightful meal from Curiositea, we took a whistle-stop tour of the Warwick campus. Although some of us won't be applying to Warwick, it was nevertheless very useful to ask students questions what they liked and disliked about university. A huge focus seemed to be on nightclubs more than anything else! My particular tour guide was very proud to be the president of the Warwick Cheese and Chocolate Society - and it was really exciting to hear about how social university life can be.

The day then finished with two lectures that will prove extremely helpful when we come to actually apply to university over the next few months. Mr Colquhoun demonstrated to us how to actually use the UCAS online system, and this was followed by a discussion on how to structure a personal statement - something that in reality proves far harder than you might first imagine, especially when considering that it must be no longer than 4000 characters! It focused mainly on what to include and what definitely not to include, but most of all drove home the point to make the statement, as much as possible, relevant to the course applied for.

The day as a whole was motivating, engaging and the perfect taster for what the future may hold for us. Thanks must be given to the Sixth Form team for organising the visit for us.