When the clock struck 12:30 on the last Friday of the month, a titanic battle commenced for house points but also, more importantly, for the title of House MUN victor.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a model of the United Nations where delegates have to represent their assigned country over a certain issue; this issue is presented in the form of a resolution, a document which outlines what the countries propose to do about that problem. And the issue that the fearless Years 7 to 10 delegates waded into was on the question of International Networks and Global Governance.

The competition began with what can only be described as a rocky start with the Chinese delegation proudly declaring before all and sundry that they do not care about world. At all. Then the debate fell into full swing with clear blocs emerging between North Korea (bizarrely), Japan and Germany, and France with the USA.

North Korea submitted an amendment that protected national sovereignty and, despite its origin, it overwhelmingly passed, forever altering the draft resolution. There were brilliant contributions from Saudi Arabia (9 Newman), Germany (7 Foxell) and Israel (9 Holman) throughout the debate. At one stage there was a slew of motions to evict (proposals to kick delegations out of the room) with Israel, China and North Korea launching salvoes of evictions before the chair brought the manic room under control.

At the end of the debate came the crucial vote. The resolution was overwhelmingly passed with 15 votes for it and just 1 against. There were no abstentions. The result was so substantial that the President of MUN even decided, in his magnanimity, to allow a round of applause at the end.

After fierce deliberation the judges - Rob Sleet, Redford Denson, Kit Haworth, Gianluca Abbate, myself and Miss West - decided that Foxell won the event overall for their coordination and collectively high standard of debate. They were followed by Newman, Pearson, Thorne, Holman and Rayner respectively.

It was a fantastic event and, from the reception it received, looks like it could be returning next year. From myself and the rest of the Challoner’s MUN Exec team, thank you to all who participated.

Current House Positions