This month ended with House Badminton. This event is very late in the year and has a big influence on the final results. The boys knew this and fought hard to try and give their house the best possible opportunity to win the House Competition.

The event started off with a round robin with two singles matches and one doubles match. Lead very well by Mr Cadman, the Year 9s got underway followed by the Year 10s.

After many close competitions two teams emerged from Year 10, Foxell and Holman defeating the others in some very close games. They emerged with Holman in first and Foxell in second.

This, however, wasn’t the end. There was the final to be played, bronze medal match and a wooden spoon. Foxell and Holman competed in the final. Rayner played against Pearson in the bronze match and Thorne played against Newman in the wooden spoon event.

While Thorne had beaten Newman in the round robin the slate was wiped clean and they started again - Thorne won both the singles and the doubles to win easily against Newman. Rayner then had the challenge of overcoming Pearson again after dismissing them in the round robin. Rayner started well and beat Pearson in the first singles. However, Pearson responded and won the second singles and it all came own to their doubles game. After Rayner went 9-7 up it looked all over and 3rd place secured, Pearson on the other hand saw this as an opportunity to strike. They took it back to 9-9 and it was decided by Mr Cadman that next point would won. After a great point Pearson came out on top and took the bronze medal.

Then came the final: Foxell against Holman. Holman won in the round robin and were looking to strike again. They both won a singles match and yet again it was to be decided by the doubles. Holman took this as an opportunity, started strong and kept it going. After a convincing win it was all over. Another great competition closely fought out between lots of students.

Current House Positions