A recent introduction to the House Competition took place this Wednesday: House Cookery. The event was for Year 8 and the food that was produced was in many cases not short of outstanding. The boys arrived, prepared with their ingredients, to make two courses of their choice for an elite group of food connoisseurs.

The Holman team in particular were calm from the word go and had a plan that they stuck to. Making halloumi sticks and a salmon dish, Holman epitomised the phrase ‘be organised’ and one contestant even confessed that he had 'practised making it on Monday night'! Some choice dishes of the day include Pearson’s apple tart, Rayner’s chicken stir fry and Foxell’s delicious tiramisu.

Overall, it was a fantastic event with some excellent cooking from the boys. Many thanks to Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Popely and Mrs Challis for helping with the cookery and for organising such an enjoyable event.

Eventually Holman came out winners after two dishes that impressed everyone. Pearson came a close second and Thorne came in joint third with Rayner. Foxell and Newman were joint 4th and brought up the rear. Well done to all involved.