Recently, Year 12 geographers were lucky enough to receive a second chance to visit Chesil Beach to complete data collection for the coursework element of their two year course. After our initial trip to Chesil Beach late February where we experienced temperatures of -6°C, gusts of 51mph and almost 10 inches of overnight snowfall, resulting in a prolonged stay in Magdalen Farm, we were glad to hear the weather would be pleasant and sunny throughout our endeavours on the day.

We arrived in the euphoric haven of Chesil Beach at 10.30am where we were overcome with feelings of nostalgia and a longing to start collecting data and measuring rocks. In small groups we began our investigations on the shingle barrier beach, ranging from enquiring about public perceptions of coastal management to the changes in beach gradient and sediment size. Collecting the data was quite pleasant due to the warmth and the gentle breeze, especially in comparison to the biting winds and frosty temperatures we experienced earlier on this year. However, we didn’t have too much time to bask in the heat before we were whisked back on to the coach to travel to our next destination.

We arrived at the busy and historically enriching village of Burton Bradstock at 12.40pm where we took the opportunity to have a quick spot of lunch before continuing our data collection. Mr Bushe and Mr Davies were very grateful for their lunch break; utilising every second to soak up some sun. We continued our enthralling investigations this time with more exertion, due to the smaller size of sediment requiring us to be more attentive while measuring the rocks in order receive accurate results.

Our final stop took place at the popular Hive Beach, rated a whopping 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor. Unfortunately, the sediment here was too small to measure so we used the time we had left to measure the changing beach gradient and to pet the dogs of gregarious locals whilst we enjoyed our final views of the hypnotising, vast and diverse waters of the English Channel.

After a long day's work, we all treated ourselves to ice creams from Hive Beach Café before heading back to Amersham. Although our coach driver seemingly had issues getting along with the vehicle's air-conditioning system we managed to arrive back at school unharmed and unscathed, albeit a little sweaty.

Special thanks to Mr Bushe and Mr Davies for accompanying us on the trip as well as Mr Abbas and the Visits Team for organising the day.