A taster for University Life
The Oculus Building

As the prospect of life after Challoner’s becomes more and more of a reality for our Year 12 students, a visit was due to Warwick University, enabling them to learn vital information about UCAS applications and personal statements as well as getting a small insight of what living at a university is like. After the coach journey up to Warwick, we were able to stroll through the campus style university as we proceeded to the maths buildings where we heard Yvonne Ramskill introduce Warwick University and educate us on some of the many benefits of going to the university.

Warwick University is in the top 1% of universities in the world and is the most targeted by employers in the UK. With over 300 societies, 150 nationalities, and consistently ranked in the top 10 UK universities in all major league tables, it was an honour to to visit. Furthermore, we were able to question two student ambassadors who were currently studying at the university about life at Warwick. Many valuable and some jovial questions were answered, which had been put forward by the students themselves prior to the visit, including 'How would you describe Warwick University in five words... all beginning with W'!

Then we were split into smaller groups and each given a tour of the campus by a third year student. This was a great showcase of each of the university departments and provided a great taster for university life, especially what a campus university is like to study at. After a short lunch break, we received a detailed talk on the UCAS application from Challoner's Head of Sixth Form, Mr Colquhoun. Finally, we received a interesting and informative talk from Charlotte Robbins, Admissions Officer at the University, about writing the perfect personal statement.

A tour of the campus

It was helpful hearing techniques for writing a personal statement such as the ‘ABC’ technique - activity, benefit, course. It essentially advised us to state an activity we have done, how it has benefitted us and how it relates to the courses we are going to apply for. Overall, thank you to Warwick university for hosting us for the day and to the div tutors and Sixth Form staff for organising the visit. We wish our Year 12 students the best of luck with their applications!