Heavy metal - Alejandro Ortega, Year 10

The Chalke Valley History Festival offered an opportunity to re-enthuse Year 10 History students as the end of term drew ever closer. When we arrived, the lectures alone were enough to excite students, with an engaging talk from historian turned author Chris Lloyd, who talked about the important of the historical 'bigger picture' and how every historical event fits with and impacts the others.

Following this the programme offered a variety of options for each period, providing students with a huge range of history to learn about, from the trenches of the First World War to the lives of the Spartans, each lecture just as enlightening as the next. As well as the lectures, the festival also hosted an assortment of historical re-enactments from time periods such as the Second World War, the Tudors and the Romans; one of the most memorable re-enactments being a live demonstration of several Second World War vehicles.

March to war
Fly to war - Alejandro Ortega, Year 10

After lunch the large marquee tents hosted yet more interesting lectures, featuring scientist and TV presenter Alice Roberts, who talked about the history and human discovery of genetics. With the festival opening on two other days for different student demographics, and then again at the weekend for the general public, it would have been great to spend even more time there.