The building work for the new science lab has been almost like a new part of the school itself It feels a shame to let that part of the school’s history go, but it comes with so many new positives. This summer some of my friends and I were instructed that we were going to miss a science test to help do a practical. Now, at first, I will admit, all of my thoughts were on missing a test, but I was also excited. Finally, the day rolled around and we were ushered up to C5 - the new science lab. Still without much understanding of the situation, we donned our goggles and oversized lab coats and sat at a desk, complete with various pieces of scientific equipment (about as scientific as a funnel and some red cabbage is) and a small sheet of paper explaining the practical.

We worked hard, stirring and pouring and more, all the while waiting for the guests of honour to arrive - the investors. We waited some more. Eventually, we had finished the practical, and were still waiting. Moments later, they burst through the door, and I could sense the piping dramatic music that would have paired perfectly as they marched through the door. Truthfully, we lied slightly here, as, not wanting the investors to be met with an empty room, we hastily dumped our post-experiment materials and began re-doing the entire process. Fortunately, this seemed to work as the investors strolled around the class, asking us a range of questions about the practical, the school and seemed generally impressed.

As soon as we had completed the work, we gathered around to take some photos, and celebrate that the new lab was finally here. After a swift cleaning session, we returned to our classes, with a new experience under our belt (and something good to brag about, should we need to). This experience has made me think of the future and how many students the new lab will hold and its many facilities that will help instruct generations of the future of anything and everything science-y, like chemical bonds, the structure of atoms and, most importantly, the uses of red cabbage.