The School Gardening Team, organised by Mr Burn, has flourished in the last year, despite the restrictions that COVID and the staggered timetable have put on cross-year group clubs. Although a very new body within the school, the team has already tackled big projects like the flower beds at the front of the school. Working through a number of weeks and weekends, the team cleaned out the bed and planted bright flowering species and leafier shrubs - and after a small (actually quite big) hiccup with a buried tree stump we were finally able enjoy what is actually quite a clever design − looking from above the plants form the likeness of the school shield.

Support from Amersham in Bloom was key in bringing this project into fruition. So we’d like to give a big thank you to Jill Mace and Carole Taylor for the brilliant design and a huge amount of work helping us prepare the beds and put the plants in, and to Steve Satanach from the Council for further support and coordination - and some heavy lifting! And also some special mentions to the other members of the school staff who took time out of their busy weeks to help out: Mr Keen, Mrs Keen, Mr Sharp, Miss Wimbridge and Mrs Sealy.

Looking to the future, the School Gardening Team is planning on working on the flower beds outside the cricket pavilion, as well as continuing to develop the wildflower meadows we established last year (we’ve had wild orchids!).

Aside from the ecological importance of the team’s work and the pleasing visuals that spring from it, I think many within the team have found a sense of purpose in watching their hard work sprout and take root - especially amid all the chaos that the recent year has brought. I’ve also found that working with the soil is a nice reminder that seeds will germinate and flowers will bloom regardless of the pandemic or global politics.