Last Friday, the school had their final non-uniform day of the year. Wearing anything but typical uniform and being comfortable is a dream come true, especially on a hot day like Friday. Charity Day nicely concludes an eventful week that hosted both Founder’s Day and Sports Day.

It was wonderful to see so much colour around the school premises; a far cry from the formal school uniform. This not only lightened the mood of the school day, but also was a visual representation of support for the charity that this non-uniform day was raising money for: One-Eighty.

Donations were reasonably small, keeping with the traditional £2 required donation in order to come into school with non-uniform (of course this is not capped and pupils can pay more if they would like to). To quote Julia Carney, ‘Little drops make the mighty ocean’. Every contribution that students make to the charity goes a long way in helping them fulfill their objectives. Challoner’s has a student and a staff strength of over 1300 and we usually raise a large sum for the charities that we support. This also helps in raising awareness about the chosen charity.

Touched on before, the chosen charity this non-uniform day was One-Eighty. The charity was established in 2011, supporting and engaging young people to ‘live motivated and successful lives through psychological and evidence-based approaches’. One-Eighty aims to turn peoples’ lives around, hence the name. Since starting in 2011, the charity has been able to help over 3,500 young people between the ages of 4 to 18. Many of whom have been excluded from schools multiple times. One-Eighty’s excellent work has won them the 2019 Oxford Times award - a very prestigious business award, showing just how beneficial the charity is, leading to the day being a huge success.