Last week, Graphics students in Years 9 and 10 visited the New Designers Exhibition in London to experience the work of up-and-coming designers and gain inspiration for our own personal projects.

I was immediately surprised at the sheer size of the hall and the wide range of stalls we could visit, from displays featuring new cars to a backpack that could unfold into a laptop table; all of the products were outstanding in quality and craftsmanship. The immense amount of effort and skill that had contributed to the designers’ work was very clear to us.

We were encouraged to take as many photos as possible and the designers were more than happy to introduce us to their work. Certain stalls stood out to me for their innovative and imaginative nature, such as a car that was made from both clay and metal so that passers-by could add to it and change it to provide a form of feedback. I also saw a device that allowed you to match certain clothes together to form sets of outfits; this could be done by pattern, colour or anything that you could imagine.

One of the most interesting things I saw was some handmade Japanese joinery that was compared to the same joinery made with plastic cut by a CNC cutter. Both sets worked perfectly and clearly illustrated how we can take old ideas and reshape them into something that benefits the modern world without losing the tradition from which they originated. This, in my opinion, is what the whole exhibition is all about - innovating to solve new problems.

The visit was extremely enjoyable and provided us with an incredible amount of inspiration to take forward into the future. Thanks to Mr Ampah-Korsah and the staff involved with organising this trip.