Dystopian forests, recreations of old heroes and an invasion of London are just some of the topics covered in Tim Hall's books. On Thursday, he spoke to Year 10 throughout the day about his inspiration for the great books he has written and his career, incorporating advice to budding young authors on how to develop their own personal pursuits.

As I stepped into the library, I was mesmerised by the adventures he relayed to us from both his books and his real-life encounters. For instance, he recounted a time when he got lost in the Amazon rainforest because his guide had left to get breakfast; this particular experience served as the inspiration for his book Shadow Of The Wolf.

Hall started writing short stories at a young age, like any child might, and eventually ended up choosing journalism as a career, where he wrote articles on a variety of violent crimes. He also talked about how to get into writing - his best tip is to just write about anything and everything that comes to mind and to commit to it.

Both of his books are based around retellings of older stories: Earth Storm was written with War Of The Worlds in mind and Shadow Of The Wolf was inspired by the classic legend of Robin Hood. As well as this, Hall's books are incredibly imaginative: Earth Storm is about robot insects taking over London and the struggle of two teenagers to fix their father's errors. His books are enthralling and fascinating, with his passion for writing coming through clearly.

Thanks to Mrs Cornelius and the English Team for organising this great opportunity.