Standing next to the grand offices of the SDO and the headmaster, the two IT Labs are a place where all can come to code, type or frantically attempt to fix a broken blog. Each week students come and go, learning Python syntax, internet safety, or even how many dimensions an array of arrays has (it’s two).

The combination of an intimidating yet wise Mr Keen, and an animated but calm Mr Tansley, have taught many a student how to generate a Buzzfeed quiz through the wonders of The two teachers take time to ensure that everything works, and are intrigued when something goes wrong when even they cannot locate any faults in the code - for such is the life of the programmer!

Space Race - Commander by Ben Sommer (Year 7)

The curriculum is rich and varied, with lessons on how a computer is built and stored, how to stay safe on the internet, how to use if, elseif and else or how to create an encoder on Google Sheets. Students marvel at how they manage to discover so much in just one hour a week.

Computing is a subject for the future: it teaches us how computers work, and how to get the most out of them. It not only outlines but explains the dangers in a world dominated by the internet, and gives surefire ways to avoid trouble. Students learn invaluable problem solving skills, and develop a new mental outset to approaching a challenge. Computing may seem at first glance like the domain of the nerds, but it is undoubtedly invaluable to every student's development.