Very rarely do students have the opportunity to cross subjects, and experience the best of the both disciplines, at school. However last Monday, with a huge amount of practice in previous months, Years 7 to 9 had just this chance. Organised by Mr. Thompson, classes would sing a song, including musicians to accompany the performance, in front of students at lunch. However, the songs used the Spanish and French they had been learning, and related to a topic from this term.

7T had been learning En mi Estuche, a catchy Spanish song, simply related to what might be in someone’s pencil case. 7R's La Familia was a tuneful melody based on family members. My class, 8Y, and also 8X, had been practising La Gozadera, by Gente de Zona, a hugely successful pop hit, with many links to the preterite tense. Upon hearing we would sing this song, students were excited to get to perform a song they knew very well already. 9Y and 9Z had been rehearsing another successful hit, Cobarde by Bustamente.

Many students were delighted at the opportunity to show their skills in a musical instrument they played. I accompanied Year 8 with the guitar, and hugely appreciated the chance to play in a band of others my age. Whether it was playing piano, drums, bass, or even the bongos, all students had a role to play in the performance.

The songs went down very well to those watching on, including teachers, and other students who had come along. To finish, my year played La Gozadera. Its roaring chorus and infectious rhythm prompted several Sixth Form students to come to the front and dance. Even some teachers couldn’t help but join!

After such a huge success, Year 8 student Archie Cracker commented, 'Although I don’t play a musical instrument, I had good fun just being involved with the performance. I hope we do something like this again.' Many others were in agreement with Archie, and left the school hall buzzing after having such a good time.

Many thanks to Mr Thompson for putting together such a special event.