Armed with cameras and questions, Year 9 and 10 Graphics students travelled to the business design centre in Islington to get inspiration for their projects. We enjoyed a day full of talking to university students and taking in their work.

For Year 10 this trip will directly impact upon our work with a new project based on the inspiration that we got, and it will be relevant to Year 9’s work in the coming year. One stand-out stall was for Loughborough University’s Graphic Design course. They showed students not only from this year, but also from the students that graduated last year - this allowed us to see where we could be in a few years' time!

Another popular stand we saw was a competition from Porsche to win a trip to their factory. The challenge was to design a new product for their cars, and although we could not enter, we still saw the many different products that people had designed.

For most, the highlight of the day was seeing what we could be like in a few years - it was very inspiring to see. And like that, the day was over and we were heading home after gaining inspiration and valuable information.