With the year coming to an end, it was unfortunately time for Culture Club to take its final stage. Having seen a play, classical concert, ballet and opera, we were finishing with something completely different: a musical.

The day started with a visit to the National Gallery. In groups, we were given the freedom to explore and enjoy the artwork present. We were able to see many of the paintings we had studied years before in art lessons - relighting a passion for many in a subject that they had not chosen to take to GCSE or A Level. Some paintings of note included Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh and The Fighting Temeraire by Turner.

The afternoon entailed a visit to see a matinee performance of a new musical to the West End, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at the Apollo Theatre. The show tells the story of Jamie New from Sheffield, a boy who doesn’t quite fit in. Based on a true story, the show started in a Year 11 Careers classroom where Jamie tells the audience about his dream of becoming a drag queen. As the musical progressed, Jamie built up his confidence, from performing his first drag show to wearing a dress to the school prom, having to overcome challenges along the way from those that did not approve. Despite being new to the West End, the show was excellent, if but a little different to what some of us may have seen before.

To conclude the day, we had the annual Culture Club dinner where all members could relax and talk about all five of the performances that they had been to this year. I would like to thank Miss Ashton for organising all the visits this year and the staff that accompanied us, especially Mrs Akerman for the time that she has put in.