Old Challoner Niall Jones was on form this Monday as he appeared on our television sets representing Southampton on University Challenge.

Niall, who left Challoner's last year, had already established a reputation for his skill in the general knowledge quiz, representing the school in a variety of events and earning the nickname 'the A-Niall-ator' for his quick-fire answers on a wide range of topics. It was pleasing (and entertaining!) to see Niall maintain this performance for the real show, where Niall's succession of correctly-answered buzzer questions allowed his team plenty of opportunities to pull ahead of their opponents, Cardiff. With three other very able students on the team, Niall nevertheless proved his worth, and between them the Southampton team dominated the match, winning 280 points to 40.

We are very much looking forward to watching Niall's progress throughout the remainder of the season, as well as that of our other Old Challoners competing this year, Alex Peplow and Tristan Roberts.

Watch Niall's performance