In celebration of Dr Fenton’s sporting legacy, current student cricketers, parents, and old Challoners alike spent an enjoyable day watching two 7-a-side cricket tournaments.

The day kicked off with the Year 10s as three teams, headed by big-hitting left handed Zac Collingbourne, 7-a-side specialist Sid Dey and trusty all-rounder Dom Goodman, battled it out in a round robin tournament. It was an enthralling spectacle of talent, as all three sides scored many sixes, but in the end it was Sid’s team who came out on top.

Facing a fast ball
A fantastic view
Getting a well earned rest
A big strike
A vast array of food

After a special guest list were treated to a fantastic tapas selection for lunch, play resumed in the afternoon as the Year 8s took their turn to entertain the crowd. This time each team took on the persona of a country in an ‘international tournament’, with the three sides representing England, Australia and South Africa. One member of the South African team even brought a flag and vuvuzela! This tournament was similarly a great display and rounded off an amazing day which was enjoyed by all.

Catching up
Celebrating a victory
Team photo with the Headmaster