At the end of this year, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work for the Bucks Free Press for a week.

At first I suspected that I would simply be answering phones and making coffee for the reporters but I was in for a big surprise: as soon as I arrived I was told to browse the internet for community news for the Marlow area. After spending about an hour finding small snippets of news and submitting them, I was shocked to see it on the Bucks Free Press website! This was the pattern for the rest of the week - I was essentially a temporary reporter. My articles were published on the Bucks Free Press website and to my delight, also in their weekly paper.

Some of Matthew's work in the local paper

I was amazed to see how I was treated as part of the team, which made me feel at home and gave me useful feedback about my writing, and how things that I had written were part of the news for the local area even though I was only doing work experience.

I not only learned about work but also about the local area - there were so many things going on in South Bucks that I had previously not known about. It really expanded my understanding of journalism as a career path and was a very useful experience beyond what I had already learned as a part of the school's student journalist team.

My work can be viewed in the July 8th edition of the Bucks Free Press or on their website.

Matthew's profile at the Bucks Free Press