Crossing the sands - Thomas Bailey, Year 12
Watering hole - Thomas Bailey, Year 12
Branching out - Thomas Bailey, Year 12
Sundown - Thomas Bailey, Year 12
The collective noun is a dazzle - Thomas Bailey, Year 12

At the end of this year a small group of Year 12 students were given the amazing opportunity to spend two weeks in Namibia. We first went to the Africat foundation based in Okonjima. Here they work to rehabilitate predators who have been affected by conflict with humans, and also work with local communities to reduce conflict. Whilst here we saw a large amount of wildlife: cheetahs, leopards and a host of different species of antelope. After visiting Africat we then moved north to the Etosha National Park. Here we saw even more animals, such as elephants, lions and zebra.

After spending a couple of days in Etosha we then went onto Africat North. This second facility was far less developed and felt like we were on the front lines of animal conservation. We learnt about the research that they carry out and also visited a local village to get a small glimpse at the way of life for locals.

On safari - Thomas Bailey, Year 12
See spot - Thomas Bailey, Year 12
Locking horns - Thomas Bailey, Year 12
In a hurry - Thomas Bailey, Year 12

We then went to the coast and went sea kayaking in Walvis Bay. Here we were able to move amongst the Cape fur seals and everyone had the opportunity to pet them.

Our final destination was the desert research and training station at Gobabeb. Here we learnt about some of the local ecosystems and got the opportunity to watch the sunset from the top of a sand dune.

Overall the visit was absolutely fantastic and we were incredibly lucky in what we managed to see. We all thank Mr Buckridge, Mrs Black, Mrs Baker and Mrs Halpin for organising the trip. Also huge thanks to our guide Pieter and our driver Martin for making the visit so enjoyable.

Lights out - Thomas Bailey, Year 12