On a swelteringly hot evening, a large number of students from Years 7 to 10 took part in the Junior Concert, a key item of the school calendar. Super Strings performed first with the very popular 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin, lending it a more upbeat mood than the original! Later, the hugely anticipated Ukulele Ensemble performed two songs. The first was 'Brazil', appropriate for the current World Cup, and the second was the old favourite 'I Can See Clearly Now', accompanied by Mr Tansley on the double bass.

Other groups that performed included a Year 7 flute trio; Guitar Ensemble performing the James Bond theme and other pieces; and String Ensemble performing a piece called 'Start Point'. The Jazz Workshop also performed a variety of lively pieces that were well received by the audience.

Many Year 10 groups performed pieces as part of their GCSE course. The self-descriptive Pop Trio played 'The Man' by Aloe Blacc, while The Watermelon Men demonstrated their specialty by playing 'The Watermelon Man'.

Additionally to these groups, during the evening there were two choirs: Junior Choir and a choir consisting of more than 100 Year 7 students. Junior Choir sang the song 'Walk Like A Man' and the Year 7 choir finished the concert with 'Happy'. As usual, the Year 7 choir was incredibly popular and got a well-deserved roaring round of applause.