Last week, all of Year 9 went on a Geography trip to Stratford. After stepping out of the coach at the Olympic Park, we studied our surroundings - it was a derelict area, almost unrecognisable for East London without the traffic of rush hour.

Having been given the all clear from the teachers, we walked further into Stratford. After learning about it at school it was extremely interesting to see the geography of East London in the flesh. We visited the London Aquatics Centre where we saw countless swimmers in the pool.

We then stumbled across the Westfield shopping centre and as we walked past McDonalds we had an ache in our hearts - and our stomachs. Our lunch was actually eaten at the Lee Valley Velopark where we saw cyclists zooming around the Velodrome, giving us some free entertainment while we ate. They whizzed around the track like it was a NASCAR stock car racing circuit, but with masterful elegance.

It would be easy to view this visit as ‘just another trip’. However, we gained knowledge and understanding that we would not have appreciated without this tour - leaving us with a realistic impression of the area. For example, seeing the redevelopment plans and all the council flats and even the private offices with helicopters have opened our eyes to the efforts of the public and private sectors. I think East London is a prime example of how underdeveloped areas can be rejuvenated once again. Thanks must go to the Geography Team for organising and leading a fantastic trip.