The prospect of a two year outreach programme seemed quite daunting at first, especially one revolving around a career as esteemed as Law. However, as a new student at Challoner’s, I’d learnt how to mask fear as confidence so I carried these personality traits with me on the exciting experience of becoming a Pathways to Law student at the University of Oxford.

This opportunity is perfect for Challoner’s students currently thinking about pursuing a career in Law who have an interest in subjects such as English and History. Applications only occur annually, so keep an eye out if you’re intrigued! On the other hand, if you’re still questioning whether Law, often seen as a 'boring’ and ‘dull’ subject, is for you, I hope I’ll help your decision with a recount of what a day on Pathways to Law is like.

At first, initial fear of the unknown plagued my mind, and suddenly getting on the course seemed like more of a burden than an opportunity. I thought about my abundant lack of knowledge regarding Law, but by the time I arrived at New College, I was welcomed so warmly my fears melted.

The staff were relaxed and easy-going, and hospitality was paramount on the agenda for the first day. We weren’t treated as if we had anything to prove, but instead accepted as students and individuals, swapping knowledge freely. So, rather than shying away from an extra commitment that seems like too much work on top of various Challoner’s activities, I would argue that this course will help support you both academically and personally when trying to figure out where you want to go in the future.

While the name itself includes the word ‘Law’, the entirety of the Pathways programme doesn’t only focus on such. The latest workshop I attended was specifically tailored to perfecting a CV and creating a cover letter that any employers will be impressed by. So if you’re not very intrigued by Law at the moment but enjoy artistic subjects, there are also a plethora of life skills you’ll learn that will benefit you regardless of your career path.

While attending the Pathways programme I’ve been introduced to a world of opportunities and experiences, which is why it’s an enthralling course Challoner’s students should all apply for. You can find out more information on the course here.