At the end of January, a group of Year 8 German students set out on a visit to Cologne. We departed early, around 6am, and after a long journey arrived in Cologne where we travelled straight into the city centre for our evening activity. At the end of a quick tram ride, our eyes flew wide open as we took in the stunning beauty of Cologne cathedral, standing out against the city skyline.

Saturday morning involved another trip into the city, where we spent the morning having a tour around the centre of Cologne. After this we had the chance to climb to the very top of the cathedral, giving us a very different perspective to the one we had seen the previous evening - a highlight for many. We were then given free time to explore, buy souvenirs and indulge ourselves in local culture, such as the Schnitzel that I had for lunch. The afternoon entailed a walk past the overflowing Rhine to our next destinations, the chocolate factory and sports museum.

Our first activity on Sunday morning was a trip to the cinema to see Frozen in German - both great fun to watch and inspiring as we soon realised that we could understand much of the dialogue in the film. We were then treated to a much-anticipated ice hockey game where we were lucky enough to see Kölner Haie, the local team, win 5-2.

On the return journey we visited Bruges, a beautiful town that features exquisite architecture and excellent chocolate shops; something for everyone really!

I would like to thank Mr Cadman and the Languages Team for organising this fabulous experience for us.