Ali Sparkes and Car-Jacked - Sahil Gupta, Year 8

On Tuesday, renowned children's author Ali Sparkes once again visited us in the library. Sparkes began by talking to us about her most recent book, Car-Jacked, and read the beginning. It was about a boy genius, called Jack, who was stuck in a car when a bank robber, Ross, kidnapped him mistakenly. It was very interesting, and definitely a book worth reading.

Afterwards, we took a ‘genius’ quiz and one of the questions tricked over half of us! The teachers also took a ‘genius’ quiz, which was quite difficult! Finally, we got to ask any questions we had.

Ali Sparkes has been on both The Chase and Eggheads, and has won the Blue Peter Book of the Year award. Her journey turned out to be quite interesting, as she wanted to become an actress and a singer when she was younger, but instead became an author.

Reading to the students - Sahil Gupta, Year 8

At the end, we were all given personally signed cards by her.

It turned out to be an engaging, inspiring, influential, innovative and thought-provoking experience. Certainly one to remember!