To any passers-by, the sight of groups of Sixth Form students walking slowly down the streets of London and its north-west suburbs, clipboards in hand, must have seemed a little odd, but for Challoner’s Year 13 Geography students it was a vital part of an investigation into urban change along the Metropolitan Line. Hoping on and off trains, we measured various factors of environmental quality and land use, ranging from building height to house type.

Seeing sights - Toby Pickard, Year 13
The Gherkin - Toby Pickard, Year 13
Exploring London - Toby Pickard, Year 13

Although the day was long and cold, it proved very rewarding as we gathered large amounts of useful data which we will later analyse. However, not only was the trip an important part of our Geography A2, it also gave us the opportunity to explore different parts of London. From the skyscrapers Aldgate, to the retail parks of Wembley and the tidy streets of Moor Park; it gave us a new, exciting, perspective on Britain’s capital.