Having developed our interest in the field of Law through a plethora of Law Society meetings, Leeke Melaku and I took the opportunity this month to attend the Berkhamstead School Law Day.

Upon arriving it was immediately obvious that the students present were from many different schools across Buckinghamshire. However, not all those in attendance were complete strangers with Old Challoner Riley Nicholas also being present! With this pleasant surprise, the Berkhamsted Law Day began.

Since the group of Challoner’s (and ex Challoner’s) students was small, participating in the group activities with strangers was a daunting but inevitable part of the day. We were exposed to this early on, when in a lecture about Family Law, we took the part of solicitors negotiating a divorce. Our opposition in the case were four students from Chesham Grammar School, and I’m happy to report that we exhibited the vital Learning @ Challoner's skill of ‘collaboration’, and found a solution that was of benefit both parties.

Taking notes

Later on, in the second half of the day, we were taught about Criminal Law. In this part of the course, we had to cross-reference a suspect and an alleged victim. To do this, we had to use a combination of two more Learning @ Challoner's skills, ‘questioning’ and ‘logical thinking’. With these skills, we as a group were able to draw the truth from both the perpetrator and the victim.

As the day concluded, Leeke, Riley and I reflected on how enjoyable and interesting it had been, and how lucky we were for Challoner's to have organised it for us! Special thanks goes to Mr Colquhoun for organising this trip and Berkhamsted School for hosting the day.