Herons - Lyric Hammersmith

To help our studies, the GCSE Drama group travelled to the Lyric theatre in Hammersmith to experience the revival of Simon Stephens’ Herons; an insight into the brutal reality of bullying and poverty. This revival followed the original story, but made it more universal by using teenage cast members. The resulting piece was a shocking, gripping but also inspiring experience which left us with a wealth of ideas for our final Drama exam in March.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/u3ctAp8eovU

The story centres on a fourteen-year-old boy, Billy. Preceding the main action of the play, Billy’s father witnesses the murder of a young girl and, after reporting it to the police, Billy is tormented through bullying from the murderer’s brother. Finally, after being humiliated beyond the point of endurance, he is pushed to a fateful act of vengeance.

To add to the shocking nature of the performance, the creative team had chosen to stage the show in a unique way too. Much to our surprise, the set was flooded with water from the very beginning of the play. We sat in fear as we noticed the row in front of us being warned of the violent splashing that would ensue throughout. It hard not to notice the giant flood gates, which also burst open during the performance, flooding the stage once more.

We all thank Mr Millar for organising the visit, and Mr Hornsby for accompanying us.