Lancaster Gate Tube - Tom Page

On a cold, wet day, Year 13 A Level geographers ventured out into London to conduct their fieldwork. Following the Metropolitan line, students assessed the varying quality of housing, the changing quality of the environment and the overall standard of living from the rural-urban fringe of Amersham into the centre of London. Having planned the visit in our rough groups of four, we had previously chosen what aspects of housing and environmental quality we were going to assess in the area surrounding each station - these categories ranging from house size and the standard of windows to the amount of noise pollution.

With students investigating at virtually every stop on the line from Amersham to Aldgate, the fieldwork was dutifully carried out with precision and care, with many finding time to take a strictly academic glance around Wembley Stadium and the equally inspiring Harrow Primark. In the face of horrifying weather conditions in the afternoon, the Challoner’s boys determinedly trudged through the light drizzle and clouds in the name of geographical coursework, even shaking off the Met Line’s inevitable delays without whimper. Whilst there was some very dubious planning at play, with a remarkably large amount of Challoner’s students conveniently being in the vicinity of a Nandos exactly as lunch time rolled around, the day was a huge success.