The British Biology Olympiad (BBO) is an annual competition designed to challenge and stimulate students with an interest in Biology to help extend their talents.

This year, a record 6189 students from 582 school across the nation took part in the BBO amongst which were 10 Year 13 students from DCGS. The students performed outstandingly well winning a total of two gold, three silver and three bronze awards, one highly commended and one commended certificate which were awarded to Mark Cleary, Teague Smith, Oliver Oakley, Cameron Kennedy, Conor Davidson, myself, Aadhil Rizvi, Ben Reiff, Darren Chow and Joshua Poulter respectively. Mark Cleary was one of the top gold medallists ranking 129th out of all the students who took part in round one.

The Olympiad provided all of us with a great opportunity to expand their knowledge well beyond the A Level syllabus. Many of the Challoner's students who took part in the BBO are looking forward to further education in related subjects in the near future and consider this experience to have been valuable and enriching. It is highly recommended that Biology students that are interested continue to take part in the Olympiad in the years to come.

I'd like to make a special mention to the Challoner's Biology Team who have inspired all of us over these years and continue to provide us excellent support and motivation.

The students who achieved gold, silver or bronze awards will be invited to attend a Royal Institute awards ceremony later this year.