Sunny climes

Earlier this year, a group of 22 students aged 15 to 17 came to Dr Challoner's all the way from Brisbane, Australia. I was hosting one of only four boys compared to the 18 girls.

Each exchange spent their first evening getting to know their partner: for me this was easy as we both loved football! We spent the evening playing Fifa, but unfortunately Wycombe Wanderers were no match for the mighty Brisbane Roar. Regardless of how enjoyable this was, all exchanges were exhausted from the journey and so an early night was essential for the travelling teenagers.

Whilst we were in school, our exchange students spent the weekdays sightseeing at the many major attractions that our country has to offer, from the historic Stonehenge to the exciting prospects of London. They also spent one of their days in lessons with us, which taught them a lot about English school life.

Over the weekend we had the exchanges to ourselves the whole time, so many host families took their guests on exciting excursions to places of their exchange's interest. My exchange and I were given a full stadium tour of Wembley Stadium on Saturday, before visiting both the Science Museum and the National History Museum on Sunday.

We spent the final evening as a big group with a farewell meal at Pizza Express. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the other exchanges and hear about their fantastic experiences with their partners. Overall it was an amazing experience that really benefitted both us and the Australian students.