The school recently organized two trips to the Dominion Theatre in London to see GCSE Science Live!; the first trip on the 22nd of November and the second on the 31st of January. We listened to a succession of seven talks, delivered by a fantastic group of well-known scientists, on topics ranging from nuclear fusion to materials to relativity.

One of the most useful talks was given by the head examiner who shared some valuable insights on exam technique and ways to work during our course. The rest were given by a formidable group of professionals: theoretical physicist Professor Jim Al’Khalili, University College London's Professor Andrea Sella, engineer and broadcaster Professor Mark Miodownik, expert in laser driven fusion Dr Kate Lancaster and the formidable Professor Lord Robert Winston. All gave engaging talks designed to spark the audience's interest in the sciences, and each raised intriguing puzzles such as, 'How can we deal with the energy shortfall?', 'How did the zebra get its stripes?', and the mysterious red magnetic liquid.

Thanks to Mr Buckridge and Mr Wilson for leading the visits as it was a great way to spend a Friday.