The Student Journalist Team interviewed Mr Keen a few days ago about the Learning Review and he explained to us what it’s about and why it is important to keep it going.

'The Learning Review is part of an ongoing process,' says Mr Keen. 'We spend all our time trying to make sure that we are giving the best possible learning experience to our students. The purpose of our learning review is that we are hitting all of our learning habits, and that across the school we are making sure that our students are using as many different skills in as many different lessons as they probably can.'

Learning habits are something that students at Dr Challoners should use all the time. An example of this is ‘Individuality – Understanding yourself as a learner.’ Habits like these help students to learn and give them the best experience possible. Next we asked Mr Keen why it’s important that lessons are constantly being reviewed.

'It’s easy to get complacent. It’s easy to get stuck into certain habits, and if somebody isn’t looking at what the teacher is doing, and isn’t adding this change of focus, the teacher might not think to use those learning habits. Teaching is an ever evolving process, and if you just always do the same thing, you’re not evolving. You’re looking for change, but not unnecessary change. There’s an old phrase – “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” – but we are always looking to do the best job that we can.'

Next we move onto the subject of iPads. iPads are currently being tested on Year Eight to study how they help learning, and we decided that as it is such a controversial idea, we’d ask Mr Keen about it.

'When used properly it’s an additional tool – you have the window to the world’s knowledge in your hand. An iPad is an awesome piece of technology. The additional functionalities it brings can be very helpful – particularly for students who have learning difficulties, memory difficulties or handwriting difficulties for whom it can be that little extra resource that helps them achieve more. There’s also the side of it that makes it more fun. Children always learn more when they’re having fun.'

Although it has only just been conducted the learning review is over and the results will soon be sent around the school. Despite this the Student Journalist Team did manage to find out that it has been a really interesting review and that many learning habits are being used in lessons – a really good range.