The Year 7 and 8 House Maths challenge took place in the Loarridge Centre on Wednesday 22nd January. There were two participants for each year – joining together to make a house team. I was in the Holman team along with Takumi Abe, Adam Ellis and Mohammad Karim. It was hosted by Mr Colquhoun and Mr Hamill. The first round was a group round; each team was given the same 5 challenging questions to do in 15 minutes. They were brain–boggling word problems, which required extremely methodical approaches. My team managed to answer four correctly (or at least we think so) – and we took a stab in the dark at the last one.

The next (and final) round was a pair round – where we had one Year 7 and one Year 8 in each pair. Pair A had to answer a question, check with the Sixth Form student if it was right, then a question would be given to pair B. The two pairs couldn’t confer and had to rely on the other pair to answer correctly in order for them to get a question. In Holman, Pair A completed 4 questions and Pair B did 3. After a good 45 minutes of mind–baffling maths, the results were announced.

1. Rayner
2. Holman
3. Foxell
4. Newman
5. Thorne
6. Pearson

We were all overwhelmed with our achievements, and happy for the Rayner victors. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and look forward to doing it next year (that is, if I get picked!).

In the Year 9 and 10 competition, the results were as follows:

1. Rayner
2. Thorne
3. Holman and Pearson (joint)
5. Foxell
6. Newman