Friday 24th of January saw Theatre Adad come into the school to perform a play about the dangers of drugs. After initial doubts that it was going to be another ordinary talk; the Year 9s were pleasantly surprised by the humour, but also the serious message that the performance brought. It focussed on a boy, Ryan, and his experiments with his two new friends Bullet and Jules. In the end Ryan unfortunately gets in trouble with the police and regrets his bad decisions.

After the play, the actors got off the stage and talked to us about the different drugs, from legal to illegal. The talk was successful because it didn’t talk about what you had to choose but how it is your choice and it is one that unfortunately we’re going to have to make shortly. To finish off they got a few students up on stage and acted around them, forcing them to make a decision. As you can imagine, not everyone took it as seriously as they should have done and it is a good job that wasn’t their real choice! It was a thoroughly enjoyable activity and we look forward to Theatre Adad returning.