Last Saturday the very popular Warhammer Club had their first 'Battles Day', an open event to try and bring together some of the schools and Warhammer clubs in Buckinghamshire. Eight schools took part, including Challoner's, with 35 students in attendance. This resulted in more than 80 games being played throughout the day.

It was a great opportunity for students from different schools to meet and mix with each other, and our students were able to show off the club's collection of scenery, and give other schools some ideas for how they might develop their own kit. It was not billed as a competitive day but the Challoner’s students generally outperformed their opponents which gave them a boost of confidence and everyone was just pleased to have time to enjoy their hobby with other like-minded people!

The club is run by Mr Burn and Mr Keen every Friday after school on the third floor of the Tower block and approximately 25-30 students. If anyone is interested they should pop along and join in one evening.