It was Christmas. Not just any Christmas, but a rather exciting one. 2012 was a very special year for one huge reason – it saw the return of Radio Christmas. The highly popular local radio show returned once again to bless our stereos with its presence.

Operating every two years, Radio Christmas is charity station, supporting Street Kids Direct. The aim of the charity is to support children living on the streets of Guatemala and Honduras to improve their quality of life.

Charlie Messenger, Year 12 student said “as usual, the radio station was brilliant. Over three weeks, floods of volunteers swarmed the make-shift studio set up in the front room of a normal Amersham house, providing hours of engrossing and entertaining listening for all. Thousands of pounds so far have been raised for the charity and what better way to do it than through 24 days of fantastic radio broadcasting. However, it wasn’t just the radio station that was raising money - here at Challoner's we raised an impressive amount for Street Kids Direct by having a non-uniform day on the 17th December, adding even more to the total funds for the charity. I suppose the only downside to it all is that it's Radio ‘Christmas’, and not Radio ‘All Year Round’ as then we'd have a whole years’ worth of brilliant entertainment!”