Hats off to the students who have now completed their GCSE Art or Graphics coursework as this is worth sixty percent of their final grade. There has been an atmosphere of intense effort in both teams as sketch books and folios have been lovingly presented and final pieces polished. Sculptures, photographs, animations, films, digital imagery, paintings, posters, prints and collages have all been produced for assessment - a fantastic and unprecedented range of achievements.

We’re really proud of the effort put in by our hard-working students and staff, who, throughout this term have all contributed so much to the success of this new afterschool club. All involved are to be heartily congratulated for their commitment to creative excellence.

The Cloud revolution is definitely here, with Art and Graphics making the most of the technology. You can now see some of the final outcomes from this year’s students posted online, with more being added as they are processed. By accessing their work on the Cloud, a student’s achievement can also be shared on networking sites, so they have access to a copy of their work, even after it has been officially handed in. We are proud of the creative ability and high quality the students achieve in their work and think it should be shared and celebrated.