The British Physics Olympiad is the premier physics competition for A level students with over 5000 entering round one, a short paper in which you are required to apply your knowledge to unfamiliar questions. The top 1000 are then chosen to sit the 3 hour round two papers, a mix of short and long questions, under strict exam conditions. It is a pleasure to report that all five of our students who entered distinguished themselves this year.

Will Phillips and Tom Watts achieved Bronze (class II) medal awards, finishing within the top six hundred. Mazda Rustomji gained a Bronze (class I) by reaching the top third and Ram Sarujan finished in the top one hundred and sixty and secured a Silver medal award. Steven Evans excelled, gaining a Gold medal for finishing in the top 50, a tremendous achievement.

We wish Steven good luck in round three and hopefully beyond, as he will have an opportunity to represent the UK in the International Olympiad held this summer in Zagreb if he reaches a place in the top five.