Plans were announced on Monday 18th January for Dr Challoner’s Grammar School to be the Lead Education Partner in Buckinghamshire’s first Trust School. The proposed Cressex Co-operative Learning Trust will be set up to support the future development of Cressex Community School in High Wycombe and will be based on the values of the worldwide co-operative movement.

The proposed Trust will consist of a range of partners who will bring additional experience and expertise to Cressex Community School. Working alongside DCGS will be Wycombe Abbey School, the Cooperative College, Bucks New University and Buckinghamshire County Council. All of the partners have a successful history of providing excellence in education. The new venture would also be supported directly by central government with substantial additional funding.

The Co-operative College in Manchester will help the Trust to develop a model of education involving the whole community based on traditional co-operative values: self help; self responsibility; social responsibility; equality; equity and the ethical values of honesty, openness and caring for others.

Dr Fenton, who was nominated as a National Leader of Education in June this year, said: ‘The involvement of DCGS in this new venture will enable our school community to make a significant contribution towards enhancing the education of students who do not have many of the advantages which our own boys enjoy. Our new role will also open up many opportunities for our staff and students to broaden their own experience by working in partnership with staff and students from Cressex. As a National Support School, DCGS is well placed to take on a leading role in an exciting project such as this’.

David Hood, Headteacher of Cressex Community School, said: ‘We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of partners, who will support us in our mission to raise achievement and broaden the educational opportunities available to our students.’

Further details about the proposals are available on the Cressex Community School website