The UK now has more food banks than Mcdonald's restaurants, but why are food banks so crucial? One in five people in the UK live below the poverty line and so food banks such as Trussell Trust or Chiltern Food Bank are helping those in need by sending nutritionally balanced emergency food to them. When the number of food banks surpass the amount of Mcdonald’s restaurants in the country, people begin to realise just how important the volunteers are, as is the food the volunteers are giving out to the country. Unfortunately, the demand for food banks has increased and are now needed more than ever, especially with Covid still present and as a result of a great deal of unemployment in the country. A report by the Trussel Food Bank has revealed that tens of thousands of people are needing to use food banks more than ever as general inflation has risen by 5.1% in 2021.

DCGS as a school is working hard to help support food banks by annually requesting donations from the students at the front of the school which is then delivered to the food banks. To us this is extremely important, and is something which we, at the school, are very passionate about as a great deal of families in the UK are asking themselves whether they want heating or to be eating?