On the 6th April 2020, Captain Sir Tom Moore, who at the time was 99, decided to try and raise money for the NHS. His initial goal was just £1000 but little did Captain Tom know that he would end up raising almost £40 million and becoming a national hero in the process (with no less than knighthood and a fly past on his 100th birthday!). His task was seemingly a simple one: walking 100 laps around his garden. This may not sound too challenging, but we need to take into account that not only was Tom 99 years old at the time but he also needed a frame to walk due to having had one hip and both knees replaced. Additionally, he was still in the process of recovering from skin cancer. Even after this amazing feat, Tom still wanted to do more and decided to do another 100 laps - truly proving how committed he was to helping the NHS.

Captain Tom’s actions captured our hearts, because while many of us were moaning about being stuck at home, not being able to go to school or work and grumbling about supermarket queues and face masks, he did something he found difficult and struggled to do, purely for the sake of helping everyone; truly representing the epitome of the British spirit. Despite this, Captain Tom did not see himself as a hero, yet became one due to his tremendous determination, offering hope that the current situation we all find ourselves in, will end.

However, on the 2nd of February - at 100 years of age - Captain Sir Tom Moore sadly passed away at Bedford Hospital due to COVID-19. Yet despite this, he will never be forgotten for his accomplishments and the way he inspired others to do and be better. In fact, books and films are already on course to be created, a monument to his undying positivity and kindness.

We will all encounter bleak days during this pandemic, but perhaps it might help to remember Captain Tom’s words: “the sun will shine on you again, and the clouds will go away”.