Exactly a month after Christmas, during the second lockdown, we were greeted with a very welcome snow day. It was a great way to wind down from the hassle of online school and brought some happiness to the community - something different to think about rather than the looming pandemic and the boredom it brings during lockdown - an escape from our busy work schedules.

For me, it started when I saw a few flurries of snow flutter outside my window while doing some English homework. I thought to myself that it would probably just snow for a few minutes and wouldn’t settle. But after about half an hour, the snow started coming down much quicker and was beginning to build up. After an hour, it was a good few inches deep, still coming down strong. The grin on my face was massive, as I rushed to tell my parents, which probably wasn’t the best idea since they were in the middle of important meetings.

The day was mostly spent with my brother and I having snowball fights, building large snowmen, and pelting my parents' window with as many snowballs as we could hold. As the day progressed, we decided to build a snowman using as much snow as we could. Towards the end of it, I could barely move the balls on top of each other. The neighbourhood was decorated with creatively built snowmen and women and delighted children were being carried along by equally joyful parents on sledges. All this while masks were strapped around carrot noses as an itching reminder of the pandemic’s existence.

In the end, the day was a refreshing break from online school, for me; allowing me to have just a little bit of fun. It was a much-needed escape from the difficult period of time we are going through. After all, who doesn’t love a snow day?