If I was Boris Johnson, I might be excited, a little nervous but most of all, absolutely terrified. Being the Prime Minister of the UK isn’t an easy position to manage, especially in 2021 with the difficult and unique coronavirus situation. The Prime Minister has made choices that have both benefited and worsened the state of the country and, with hindsight, I would have made some different decisions that I believe would have been more favourable.

Firstly, if I was Prime Minister, I would relay important information and the rules very clearly so that there is no confusion amongst the public. The handling of the crisis so far has been hindered by confusing decision-making and unclear objectives. At times, this has been particularly chaotic, such as Boris Johnson’s decision to relax coronavirus rules during the Christmas period, which went against the warnings and guidance of his scientific advisers, who had provided evidence that five-day household mixing would potentially result in major setbacks on the control of COVID-19. To avoid confusion in communication, I would keep my objectives and plans clear so that they can be easily understood by the public, especially with the recent news on the delivery of vaccines.

I would also observe the successful techniques other countries have used so far to control COVID-19 quickly and efficiently. For example, Hong Kong has curbed the spread of the disease and has suffered just 200 deaths overall, despite a population of 7.5 million. Swift quarantining rules, social distancing measures and school closures have all helped to prevent further catastrophe and damage for the country. Boris Johnson initially kept most of Britain running, which had a lasting impact on the future. If he had used the example of other countries, he may have been able to contain the spread of the disease more quickly.

The Prime Minister of the UK has been placed in a distinctive and onerous circumstance and one can’t simply say that they would have been a better leader unless they had experienced the stress and responsibility themselves. However, I believe that our Prime Minister could have made some better, more effective resolutions that would allow us to be in a better position right now.