Obviously over the last year parties have not been as they were before, like most things. Normally, there are discos, bowling parties or even just a gathering of friends and unless you were lucky enough to have your birthday in late July to October, you probably did not do any of these things. Maybe you just spent more time with your family, watching movies or playing games but there is something special about getting to spend your day of the year with people who you are normally surrounded by 5 days a week. During this past year, there has been a greater dependence on zoom and skype and, unfortunately for some, Wi-Fi.

One of the best party ideas I heard was quite simplistic in its set up but rather ingenious. It was a themed zoom party! For example, if the birthday celebrator was called Alice, there could be an Alice in Wonderland theme. This is also an opportunity to have some fun with the zoom backgrounds. It’s a chance to improve some arts and crafts skills or to go digging into the collection of dress up items at the back of a wardrobe. Obviously there is still something missing when talking to friends online. There is not the same personal connection that is there when meeting in person.

Therefore, for some, having a two person party on a walk is the idea of a perfect, enjoyable day. Some celebrations may just include putting your dog on a lead, picking up some poo bags and then, walking to meet a friend. Although very different from a traditional party, something like this has become an event to look forward to for many people in lockdown.

If we get nostalgic about the first lockdown, we will remember the copious volume of bread and cake that was baked. Some beautiful creations, some less aesthetically pleasing but no doubt delicious. As a result, there have been baking competitions with the aim of improving skillsets. It allows for the feel of a party more as although there is a zoom meeting, there is not a need to have a continuous conversation for 2 or 3 hours. Also, there is the added extra of getting to eat whatever you cook, as long as it is not too burnt. Plus bragging rights as the best baker adds a competitive edge.

Hopefully, as we complete a whole year of restricted lives on the 23rd of March, you have managed to celebrate your birthday in one way or another. This will be a birthday to remember and so, next year when you are with your 7 friends indoors it will be appreciated all the more.