Alongside the Student Development Team, which deals with assisting students between Years 7 to 11, form tutors and div tutors help students with organisation, peer/friendship problems and academic problems. There is, however, another sector within the school whose job it is to help other students in times of need, this group is called the Student Welfare Ambassadors. The Student Welfare Ambassadors are a group of students who have signed up to help other students with their problems, with a primary focus surrounding their wellbeing.

The ‘Student Welfare Ambassadors’ are a group who were founded in 2018. They meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss how to tackle problems within school life. Pupils from Years 7 to 11 can become ‘Welfare Ambassadors.’ This allows students from each year to highlight any issues that they may come across during day to day school life. Some issues they have tackled recently are bullying, graffiti, and mental health. The group is primarily organised by Mrs Black and Mrs Borell, however, the students decide what topics to focus on, with the teachers providing aid appropriately. Recently, the Welfare Ambassadors gave a presentation in assembly to raise awareness and positivity for LGBTQ+. They have also incorporated an annual anti-bullying week into the school calendar, with the aim to raise awareness for the issue at hand.

Raising awareness for mental health is a large part of their job. The main way they create awareness for mental health is through assemblies and other public messages for example, the daily notices. The Welfare Ambassadors also act as another approachable point for students to talk to if they do not feel as comfortable talking to members of staff, who provide the wide range of support currently available to those struggling with mental health problems.

The Student Welfare Ambassadors are a group of able-minded students who are willing to give up their time to commit to helping others in the Challoner’s community. These Ambassadors are doing a great job highlighting the areas for improvement within the community and we hope they will continue to provide this level of support in the future.

The current list of Welfare Ambassadors is displayed in the admin corridor. If anyone would like to become a Welfare Ambassador, please see Mrs Borrell in SDO who will add them to the team. Training takes place in April.