The highly motivated female cohort at Challoner’s currently consists of 41 in Year 13 and 50 in Year 12. Across the four generations of the co-educational sixth form a wealth of clubs and societies have been taken up with enthusiasm, with a considerable number of girls participating in Girls’ Choir, and successful netball and mixed hockey teams, as well as in opportunities offered to the entire sixth form - Engineering Society, Law, and Debating, to name a few.

With the rise of social media as a tool for people from nearly all walks of life to voice their opinions - from political leaders and news providers, to Instagram models and Tik Tok enthusiasts, it becomes nearly impossible nowadays to dodge the constant bombardment of new information, trustworthy or otherwise.

However, the appearance of one such influencer on the scene, Amika George, has brought hope for girls growing up in today’s age of technology. George, while at secondary school, became the founder of the #FreePeriods campaign, seeking to end period poverty and the stigma around menstruation. Her work to raise awareness has resulted in the introduction of a new government scheme; Challoner’s, along with many other schools across the UK, are to benefit from this, now being able to provide free sanitary products for female students.