Eager at the prospect of swapping school for the slopes, everyone rushed to get their luggage and get the best seats for the first part of our adventure. From a bus to a plane and back to a bus, getting to the mountains in Saalbach wasn't easy, but fuelled by the excitement ahead, the journey went quickly. Despite being dark when we arrived, we were already in awe at the looming mountains above us.

Once we got to our hotel we were so late we had to unpack our bags and head off to our beds. Dawn came and so did the teachers - we were stirred from our slumber and collected our skiis and boots. Finally, the fun was about to begin and we were ready to hit the slopes.

Once we took the taxi down to the slopes we were arranged into ski groups with different abilities. There were two beginner groups, one intermediate and two advanced. By the end of the week the advanced groups were going down black slopes, inspiring the beginners with their smooth carving down the mountainside. Slowly getting to grips with skiing, the beginner and intermediate groups started off on the training slopes but quickly ascended to the blue or even red slopes under the guidance of the ski instructors.

On the first night after skiing everyone had dinner and then returned to our rooms to relax for the next day of skiing. On the second evening we got the opportunity to spend all of our euros at a shop called Spar. We raided all the aisles with sweets and arms laden with confectionary, we had all the things we needed for the cinema tomorrow. The movie was thrilling, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout provided ample entertainment for us. Tuesday brought the annual Ski Trip Quiz - despite the light-hearted name it was at heart a fierce competition We were in groups of our dorms and battled for 45 minutes in a general knowledge quiz. The other evenings were purely for relaxation, watching the football or playing snooker.

The week flew by so quickly amidst the skiing and evening activities, and before we knew it, it was time to go. Leaving the Austrian alps behind us we made our way back to Amersham, proud of the progress we had made skiing.

Many thanks to all the teachers who made sure the ski trip was fun and safe for everyone.