The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

With GCSE exams looming on the horizon for Year 11, preparing the students to be the best they can be is vital. It is a great credit to the forever innovative English Team that they continue to come up with new approaches to learning set texts that are fun and different from the usual pen and paper method. Year 11 were able to experience one of those ways, a visit from theatre company ‘On Set Texts’ dramatizing The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It was an interesting and hugely entertaining way to revise the plot – the Victorian text being an integral part of the syllabus. The actors skilfully adapted the production to highlight the novella’s main themes, engaging the students as well as conveying the ideas that are vital to get to grips with when aiming for top grades. Overall, it was an immensely enjoyable production whilst also being a highly informative method of revision. Thanks must go to Mrs Adi and the English Team for organising the event.