The Challoner's community thrives in many ways, with one way being its support for charity work. Last week, another charity day was held to raise money for two charities, both with long ties to the school.

The first of these is EduHaitian. This charity was set up to help children of all ages to live their dreams through an education. In Haiti, education is not a right and the charity aims to support children financially through this.

A few weeks before the charity day, EduHaitian visited Challoner's to share some of the work they are doing in Haiti. We learnt that thanks to our last charity day, 10 young adults had their secondary education paid for. We also were shown some of the work that the charity is doing including a new university program, allowing students to take their skills to higher education.


The assemblies both shocked us with the conditions in Haiti and the struggle for education but also showed us where the money that we had raised was going, leaving us feeling glad that we can contribute.

The second charity that we were able to help was Link Ethiopia. Similarly to EduHaitian, Link Ethiopia is a charity which aims to help give children the start to life that they deserve - a start through schooling.

The charity has a long history with Challoner's: through a partnered school in Ethiopia, we have been able to help change the lives of many children who would not otherwise have access to education. Through focusing its efforts on reforming the quality of education and the health and sanitation of schools, Link Ethiopia has helped over 100,000 children in schools and communtities across Ethiopia. Our donations have been able to help bring technology and IT into the curriculum in the past and we are humbled to continue to help the charity to provide education for all.

Students and staff arrived out of uniform and managed to raise £2,208.48, which will be split between each charity.

I would like to thank Mr Deakin for organising the charity day and the visit from EduHaitian to educate us on how our donations are spent within the charity.

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